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Services for Individuals

In Person Appointment

To make an appointment, please call us at (828) 862-8000 or email us by filling out the contact form. 

Drop off

We have a secure drop box located in front of our office for documents. There are envelopes for your tax documents as well if you need them. Every morning and evening, the drop box is checked. Please provide a name and phone number with your tax documents. Once your return is complete, we will contact you.

Remote Tax Preparation

In order to better serve our customers we are using SecureFilePro it is a safe and secure portal that allows our clients to share documents to us. You can remotely sign your documents, and receive your completed return without having to come into the office or make an appointment in person. Please email or use the guest portal for initial step up.


Follow the link below to SecureFilePro!

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